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Young student Your Career
Completing CIMA in 10 months - with textbooks

Sandil Mallikarachchi set a world record for time to complete the CIMA professional qualification.

24 March 2022

crowded-employment-market Your Career
Stand out in the crowded employment market

Find out how you can stand out in the crowd when job hunting.

9 August 2021

career_guide_management_accountant Your Career
Management Accounting - what’s that?

Discover a career as a management accountant and earn a large salary doing an interesting job.

7 August 2021

career_guide_auditor Your Career
How to become an auditor

Discover auditing and earn a large salary in an investigative role.

6 August 2021

career_guide_bookkeeper Your Career
How to become a bookkeeper

Every business needs a bookkeeper so you’ll always have a job if you qualify. Find out more about bookkeeping.

6 August 2021