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exam tips

Woman working at laptop with open workbook in her hands Exam Tips
Exam tips from expert tutors

Worried about the big exam day? The Academic Support Team have shared their tips and advice.

28 February 2023

A student on a video call while studying Exam Tips
Revision tips from expert tutors

If you’re studying online or revising for your exam, here are some revision tips and advice to help you prepare for the big exam day.

14 February 2023

Chelsea Andersen headshot Exam Tips
Exam tips by Chelsea Andersen

Find out Chelsea's exam tips to help you pass your own exams.

19 December 2022

why-mock-exam Exam Tips
Why take a mock exam before the real thing?

Find out why mock exams are so important and how they can help you pass your exams.

13 August 2021

24-hours-before-exam Exam Tips
The day before the exam - 24 hours to go

Advice on what to do during the last day before your exam. How to not stress out and get the most out of the last bit of study time.

11 August 2021

study-and-revision Exam Tips
Professional exams - study and revision tips

How to get the most out of your study time and how to study the right way.

10 August 2021

revision-done-right Exam Tips
Revision done right

Revise for your exams in the right way to make the most of your revision time.

9 August 2021

prepare-for-the-big-day Exam Tips
Ready? Set? Exam! How to prepare before the big day

Get ready for your exams with mocks, practice questions, Mind Maps, and learning not to panic.

8 August 2021