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CIMA Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2)
In Fundamentals of Management Accounting you’ll learn the knowledge and techniques of management accounting and the role of management accounting in the commercial and public sector. You’ll gain the skills to plan, control, and make decisions. All our high-quality study materials are written by expert tutors and subject specialists.
  • Written by expert tutors
  • Exam focused
  • Student friendly
  • Supported with FREE online materials
  • Includes Mock Assessments online
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Essentials Pack

The Fundamental of Management Accounting Essentials Pack has all you need to prepare for and pass your exams.

  • Study Text, Exam Kit, Revision Cards
  • Additional FREE resources through MyKaplan
  • Written by expert tutors and updated to reflect the latest assessment requirements

£72.00 + Delivery

Study Text

The Fundamentals of Management Accounting Complete Study Text introduces the identification and classification of costs and their behaviour as the basis of the tools and techniques needed to plan, control and make decisions.

Exam Kit

The Fundamentals of Management Accounting Exam Kit is designed to be used with the Study Text, with exam questions and answers testing you on the fundamentals of management accounting.

Revision Cards

The Fundamentals of Management Accounting Revision Cards summarise the fundamental principles, and complement the Study Text and Exam Kit.

£12.00   + Delivery