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CIMA Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2) Study Text

CIMA Certificate - Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2) - Study Text

CIMA Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2) Study Text

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With the Fundamentals of Management Accounting study materials, you’ll learn the knowledge and techniques of management accounting and the role of management accounting in the commercial and public sector. You’ll gain the skills to plan, control, and make decisions.

Kaplan Publishing is the only official publisher of CIMA approved material, meaning that all of our books and materials have been reviewed and approved by CIMA.

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Kaplan Publishing

978-1-83996-213-4 (printed)
978-1-83996-225-7 (eBook)

The Fundamentals of Management Accounting Study Text introduces the identification and classification of costs and their behaviour, and techniques needed to plan, control and make decisions. You’ll be able to understand the knowledge and techniques that underpin management accounting, gaining knowledge of investment appraisal, break-even analysis and profit maximisation. With worked examples and activities, the Study Text will enhance your knowledge. All our Study Texts are CIMA approved and cover the full syllabus.

Topics covered:

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    The Context of Management Accounting
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    Planning and Control
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    Decision making

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    Mock Exam - similar to the real exam, allowing you to test your readiness to sit your exam

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