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AAT Q2022 Diploma in Accounting Advanced Diploma Synoptic (EPA) Exam Kit

Level 3 Diploma in Accounting EPA Exam Kit

AAT Q2022 Diploma in Accounting Advanced Diploma Synoptic (EPA) Exam Kit

£18.00 + Delivery

About this item

The EPA Exam Kit gets apprentices ready for your assessment, making sure you’re fully prepared. The Kit includes guidance on the Level 3 End Point Assessments, providing practice questions for all five of the assessment objectives for the synoptic assessment.

This Exam Kit covers Level 3 End Point Assessments version 1.1 from 16th October 2023, bearing in mind recent changes to the EPA, and is applicable to all apprentices who started their studies prior to 1st August 2023. Apprentices who commenced after this date will require materials for Version 1.2, available from 2024.

Exam sittings
End Point Assessments from 16th October 2023, for apprentices starting prior to 1st August 2023

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Enhance your studies with an AAT EPA Exam Kit. The Exam Kit focuses on the End Point Assessment for Level 3 Apprentices, providing full details of the different forms of assessment and testing knowledge of the key topics assessed in the synoptic assessment.

Written by subject specialists and experienced tutors, our Exam Kit aims to test your understanding of the key areas necessary to be successful in your exam, with questions split into three knowledge-based sections covering all of the EPA’s assessment objectives.

Plus, it comes with a mock assessment in the book to boost your chances of success when sitting the In-Tray Assessment.

Topics covered:

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    Relationship between financial and management accounting systems
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    Applying ethical codes and accounting principles when preparing accounts
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    Analysing and interpreting management accounting data
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    Preparing financial accounting information and final accounts for sole traders

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