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Terms and conditions

Kaplan Publishing UK Limited is the UK Publishing Division of the Kaplan Group. We service the publishing and distribution requirements of our group’s UK businesses and also have an extensive catalogue of materials which may be purchased directly from us.
Sales made directly by Kaplan Publishing are made subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. We aim to keep our website up to date with details of current pricing. From time to time, we may give special offers on certain materials and details of these can be obtained from our website or by contacting our Customer Services Team on 0161 259 7400.

    Whilst we take all reasonable care to present accurate pricing information, we cannot guarantee that our pricing will not change. However, if our pricing increases, then we will normally check with the customer before dispatch to see if the customer still wishes to receive the item at the new price or will cancel the order and notify the customer of this.
  2. All our prices are in pounds sterling, unless stated otherwise.
  3. All amounts quoted include VAT (where applicable) but exclude any taxes or duties imposed by countries outside the UK. Educational study materials are not, by definition, subject to VAT. Digital products typically incur VAT.
  4. We may, in order to comply with distance selling regulations, need to charge the applicable VAT rate for any country for which we exceed the distance selling threshold.
  5. To the extent that any sales are subject to VAT, invoices will reflect the VAT charge. Customers from VAT exempt territories within the EU may (if the sale is subject to VAT) request a VAT refund after dispatch.
  6. We reserve the right to charge interest at 10% per annum on overdue amounts (both before and after judgment).
  7. All amounts payable exclude any amounts payable (where applicable) to professional bodies for registration, exemptions and examination entries, which are payable by customers directly and we accept no responsibility for this.


  1. Full payment is required on placing of the order and prior to the dispatch of materials, unless the customer has agreed credit terms with us (when these will apply).
  2. All orders are accepted subject to stock availability and may be delivered in two or more installments.
  3. If an order is placed online, then an order confirmation should appear on the screen (which the customer is advised to print off). The status of the order can be viewed online. An order made online only becomes binding when we have dispatched the materials.
  4. Orders for bespoke printing or special orders where we have to source from third parties are subject to firm ordering terms only and are non-cancellable and non-returnable, except where the relevant materials are damaged or faulty and subject to “Returns” below.
  5. We will use the method of delivery we deem most appropriate to the sale (ie post, courier or freight) and any such delivery costs will be added to the invoice. For details please contact our Customer Services Team on 0161 259 7400.
  6. Kaplan Publishing reserves the right to decline an order or restrict payment for orders where we suspect fraud.
  7. If a customer fails to take delivery on the date of delivery of the materials or does not give adequate delivery instructions, then we may store the materials and will not be liable for any loss, damage or deterioration during storage. All such storage expenses and any additional delivery costs will be reimbursable to us and may be added to the invoice.
  8. Title to materials only passes on payment in full. This means any sales made by customers before the passing of title are made as agent for Kaplan Publishing and any proceeds will be held on trust by the customer to the extent necessary to settle any amounts due to us.
  9. If a customer believes that materials have been lost in transit or have not been delivered, they must contact us within 30 days of the shipping date. Claims will not be accepted for lost items reported outside this time frame.
  10. Customers are responsible for complying with all relevant import and distribution laws and regulations and for obtaining and maintaining at their own expense any necessary import or export licences, customs’ clearances, exchange control consents or other authorisations and permits.


  1. We operate a “no questions asked” returns policy if materials are returned within seven working days of delivery. Any postage or courier charges incurred in making such returns will be at the customer’s cost, unless the materials were damaged or faulty (as detailed in paragraph 19, but subject to the prohibited returns detailed in paragraph 21) or sent in error. The policy does not apply to any sealed distance learning materials, audio, video recordings or computer software (which have been unsealed). These are subject only to the return provisions as detailed in paragraph 19 below.
  2. After the “no questions asked” period specified in paragraph 18, we will only accept returns of materials in the following circumstances:
    1. The materials were found to be damaged or faulty (subject as excepted in paragraph 21), in which case we will either replace the materials or give the customer a full refund (subject to their indicating a preference and to our receiving the relevant materials back from the customer before dispatching the replacement).
    2. The materials were incorrectly supplied by us, in which case we will issue a full refund (subject to our receiving the relevant materials back from the customer).
  3. The customer is responsible for packaging and returning any materials returned in accordance with these terms and conditions. Any returns of materials in accordance with these terms and conditions should be made to the return address specified with the package on delivery. Please allow 14 days (in addition to any delivery time) for returns to be processed. We will only be liable to reimburse return costs as detailed in paragraphs 18 and 19 to the extent we are satisfied that the customer has used the most economical and appropriate return method.
  4. Any returned materials damaged other than through our fault (and this includes circumstances where the relevant materials have been used or show signs of being used) will not be accepted by us and no refund will be made. We will notify the customer of any such circumstances and the customer will be responsible for arranging collection of rejected materials. Any such materials not collected within 30 days of notification by us will be disposed of and we accept no liability.
  5. Our returns policies do not affect your statutory rights.

MyKaplan access

If your purchase includes online MyKaplan content via our learning platform then these additional terms will apply:

  1. Essential requirements. You will need the following essentials:
    1. Access to a PC or laptop;
    2. Ability to connect to the internet via a broadband connection
  2. Your browser. Our learning platform supports all the major modern browsers. However, for optimum performance we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. Please refer to our systems requirements which is updated regularly.
  3. Pop-up blockers and firewalls. Your web browser may have active pop-up blockers to suppress unwanted advertising. Similarly, you may be behind a content-blocking device such as a firewall. It may be necessary to reconfigure or disable these. If you are accessing the learning platform from work or in a public place, you may have to contact the system administrator to do this. It is your responsibility to ensure that Kaplan.co.uk and Kaplan.com are added to your safe domain list.
  4. Computer equipment and internet access costs. These are not included in our fees and are your responsibility.
  5. It is your responsibility to check that the computer or any other mobile device (such as a tablet) you plan to use to access your MyKaplan account and/or online course is compatible with the minimum specification requirement for operating MyKaplan and/or using our websites and participating in webinars.
  6. Digital content is available for a limited period only and that period will vary depending on your purchase. Examples are given below. Call customer services on +44 (0) 161 259 7400 or email us at studentservices@kaplan.co.uk if you’d like to know the specific period for the purchase that you are making. Please note, MyKaplan access for material purchased via Kaplan Publishing cannot be extended once expired.
  7. Qualification Material / Resource Access Duration
    ACCA (including Foundations),
    Study Text,
    Exam Kit,
    12 months from purchase date
    ACCA Get Ready For
    Exam Prep Plus 
    12 months from purchase date
    12 months from purchase date
    CIMA Exam Practice Plus 3 months from purchase date
    CIMA Familiarisation Workbook 12 months from purchase date (access is only for the specific pre-seen purchased)
  8. Updates to digital content. We may update or require you to update digital content. We may from time to time make modifications, enhancements or issue clarifications (for example, to clarify ambiguous regulatory drafting) to audiovisual, interactive or written courses, and our system requirements. Access to such changes will be free of charge to the extent that such changes relate to the item purchased by you at the applicable time, during the period for which the digital content is available for your purchase. The updated digital content shall always match the description of it that we provided to you before you bought it.
  9. Students must not share any online content with nor make their online passwords available to any third parties including other students. We reserve the right to terminate access to your online account in these circumstances or where we detect any suspicious or unusual activity related to your account.
  10. Licence of Intellectual Property. You agree that you will only use any study materials and/or digital content for study purposes and that you will not copy, make available, transmit , reproduce, sell, licence, distribute, publish or broadcast or otherwise circulate the materials and/or digital content.


  1. Copyright in our materials (which includes, but is not limited to, layout, content, design, graphic, photographic, text, multimedia, audio visual material and other content) is ours or has been licensed to us by other companies in the Kaplan Group or by the relevant authors or owners. Where our materials are badged with professional institute logos or names, then these are used under licence and copyright in such logos or names belong to the relevant institute.
  2. Purchasing materials from us does not entitle customers or any third parties to copy them or distribute or use the information comprised in them without our express written consent. If we become aware of any infringements of any of these rights, then we reserve the right to take legal action against customers and any relevant third parties and to seek all appropriate remedies and costs.
  3. Our liability (and, as applicable, that of our sister companies) for losses arising from our negligence (except in the case of liability for death or personal injury), breach of contract or otherwise will be limited to the amounts paid by the customer for the relevant materials, plus any postage or courier charges reimbursable in accordance with these terms and conditions. Except in the case of liability for death or personal injury, we will have no liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  4. We do not represent or warrant that any information comprised in our website or other materials is completely accurate and up to date and we accept no liability for any use of any such information by any person.
  5. Our terms and conditions and all our agreements with customers are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction.
  6. Any sales of materials made by our sister companies as agents for us contracted through our sister companies’ websites or otherwise are made subject to the terms and conditions displayed on the relevant sister company’s website.
  7. Kaplan Publishing's corporate details are as follows: Kaplan Publishing Limited (company number 05728180), registered office 179-191 Borough High St, London, SE1 1HR.